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Ivan Solbes

Ivan Solbes is an illustrator from Madrid. He makes a living from drawings for advertising. Since 2003, he has illustrated Nobel’s tobacco image. He has also done promotional campaigns for mobile phones, beer, shoes, sales, mattresses, cars and many other products of modern life.
In his spare time he has been published in some national newspapers, has illustrated a book and drawn posters, one of his great passions. Posters for theatre, short films, concerts, festivals and other soirees. Since November 2009 he has publishing a daily journal in pictures on Facebook, giving us a bit of his life in small daily doses.
He also make silk-screens prints, including a series called “Besos” (kisses), that he present at Can Pop’s gallery, which will be his first solo exhibition. Ivan Solbes shows you kisses, kisses of all kinds for all tastes. Nothing nicer than a good kiss.

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